Cello Dance

Conceived by the dancer, curator and production director Mariana Chew, Cello Dance has achieved its 13th Edition!

Created in 2007, it´s become one of the main sections of Rio Cello, bringing together the greatest musicians and leading dance companies and dancers in Brazil and the world with classical, contemporary, modern, jazz and street dance techniques, or even new Works as the “Frequência Modulada” which brings together the classical and the urban/contemporany/Cello/DJ)

Companies have the opportunity to show their work mainly created exclusively for the event, becoming theis repertoire many times.

The project takes to public their novelty, where music and dance perform as one: performance and concert simultaneously.

Body and Cello. Cello Dance adds to its main attributes of a new language, adventure, creativity, Brazilianness, interactivity and communicability, intending to reach the public directly interested in arts and of all social classes.

We can thus expand the audience and share this new language, a special event in History of Brazilian Contemporary Dance and Classical Music.