Cello Paint

Cello Paint is a community art project  created by Carolina Chew as part of Brazil’s biggest Free classical music festival, Rio International Cello Encounter (Rio Cello) directed by Dr. David Chew OBE.

For the past 6 years, Cello Paint has been showcasing a different view to art and artistic expressions in communities around Rio de Janeiro. Following the same steps and intentions as Rio Cello, Cello Paint interacts and introduces classical music with expressive art to children and teachers in communities, aiming to achieve a long term process and a permanent art education open to all.

For the past 6 years, Cello Paint has worked and motivated the creativity of around 200 children, in communities and social projects.

This year, stronger than ever, Cello Paint was na inspiration, ad parto f a Creative Process for this year´s Graphic Design.

Having Classical Music and Visual Arts as the main tool for creation, children are free to express themselves while appreciating music. This is the aim to bring communities together, opening doors and possibilities for the future, keeping culture alive through music and color.